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If You Think Your Child Is Stuttering

February 18, 2014


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Is Your Child Stuttering? 

Below is a partial list from the Stuttering Foundation of America.  For more detailed information, the link has been provided.


The normally disfluent child:

1.  Occasionally repeats syllables or words once or twice, li-li-like this.

2.  Disluencies occur most often between ages one and a half years and five years.

The child with milder stuttering:

1.  Repeats sounds more than twice, li-li-li-li-like this.

2.  Occassionally the child will experience a "block" - no airflow or voice for several seconds.

The child with more severe stuttering:

1.  Child stutters on more than 10% of his/her speech.

2.  Complete blocks of speech are more common than repetitions or prolongations.




Click here for the Stuttering Foundation