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Parent/Guardian Letter


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Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:


            Welcome to my mathematics classroom.  I am so excited about this year and the new adventure that we will be discovering in the land of math.  Here are some things that I, as the teacher, expect from each of my students:


  1. Come to class and be on time.

  2. Be respectful to both the teacher and the other students.

  3. Bring supplies (book, paper, PENCIL, drawing supplies for Geometry, and if you would like to purchase a calculator for any class except Algebra I).

  4. A PEN will NOT be used on anything that will be seen by the teacher.

  5. Problems should be written out of the book and worked out completely on paper unless otherwise instructed.

  6. Homework will be assigned every day except on review or test days.

  7. Homework will be turned in the following day of class at the beginning of class or will be instructed to put the assignment in a folder.

  8. Late work will not be accepted.  It will be recorded as a zero.

  9. In class the students will be required to take notes every day and keep the notes in a notebook to be turned in at the end of the 9 weeks for a grade.

  10. In class the students will also be required to keep a folder to organize their graded, ungraded, and tests to be turned with the notes.

  11. If a student misses class, they are expected to ask what was done with the assignment that was to be turned in, what was the new assignment, and get the notes from another student and write them in their notebook.

  12. Extra Credit will be given once a 9-week toward the end of the period.

  13. Cheating is not excepted or allowed, if caught both the one doing the cheating and the one allowing the cheating will receive a zero for the assignment.

  14. Averages will be given out most Friday’s to be signed and returned for extra credit.  1 point for 4 slips returned and 1 point for midterm.


Please complete and return to Mrs. Hunter.


Date ______________________                   Grade in School _________________


Student Name __________________________


Parent/Guardian Name ________________________


Address _______________________________


Home Phone __________________              Work Phone _____________________


Student Email ______________________


Parent Email _______________________


Appropriate time and number to call ________________________________


Class taking _____________________________


What grade do you expect your child to receive from this class? _____________


If needed, which is a more appropriate time for tutoring, BEFORE or AFTER school?




Does your child struggle with any part of mathematics, if yes what part(s)?






Each student will be taking notes each day to help them with their assignment.  Are you able to help your child with math homework or are you concerned about the help that your child may need.






Other comments or concerns.