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Grading Policy


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All work for class must be done in a PENCIL ONLY.



            A daily assignment will be given each day in which a new concept is introduced.  Each assignment from the book must have the problem written from the book and the complete step-by-step process to get the answer.  If only answers are given, full credit may not be given.  Some assignments will be turned in and graded on a points system as follows:  (1) I will select around 5 problems from the work assigned to grade, (2) Points received 1 point for working the problem and 1 point for being correct, (3) and 5 points for completion of the assignment.  A total of 15 points will be rewarded for a complete and correct paper.  Other assignments that are not turned in will be kept as part of the student’s notebook in an organized folder.  Grading of assignments will occur at least twice a week.  Assignments must be turned in on the day that they are due.  NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.  If absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to get the assignment turned in that was due on that day, the notes from another student, and the assignment for the day.

            At the end of the nine-week period, a daily average will be calculated by taking the total number of points received divided by the total number of points of the nine-weeks.  This daily average will account for 50% of a student’s nine-week grade in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry and then the daily average will only account for 35% of the nine-week grade in AP Calculus.



Daily Grading Scale


15/15 = 100

7/15 = 47

14/15 = 93

6/15 = 40

13/15 = 87

5/15 = 33

12/15 = 80

4/15 = 27

11/15 = 73

3/15 = 20

10/15 = 67

2/15 = 13

9/15 = 60

1/15 = 7

8/15 = 53

0/15 = 0



            Each student will be expected to keep a notebook.  The notebook will consist of a spiral notebook and a pocket folder.  The spiral notebook (at least 3 subject notebook) or loose leaf paper will be for taking daily notes for the blackboard, doing assignments, and taking tests or quizzes.  The pocket folder will be for holding 4 sections of materials as follows:  (1) an assignment sheet for recording grades and averages (I will supply), (2) a section of graded assignments, (3) a section of ungraded assignments, and (4) a section of tests and quizzes.  The notebook will be collected at the end of each nine-weeks to be graded and recorded as a Test Grade (maximum grade of 98).



            Tests will be given throughout the year.  Quizzes, unit tests, chapter tests, and a notebook grade will be considered for test grades.  Tests will be scored on a 100-point scale.

            The test average in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry will account for 50% of the student’s nine-week grade and then test average will account for 65% of the nine-week grade in AP Calculus.



            Each nine-weeks the students will be allowed to do extra credit.  At the end of the nine-week period, each student will be allowed to receive worksheets to which they may receive up to 15 points.  These points will be added to the lowest test grade throughout the nine-week period.


Semester Grade

            The semester test in all classes will consist of a collection of all materials discussed throughout the semester.  It will account for 10% of the student’s semester grade.  The average of the two nine-weeks will account for 90% of the semester grade.