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Syllabus for Reading

February 25, 2014


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Syllabus for Reading

Grade 6

I. The students will exhibit positive reading habits and view reading as important.


               The students will:

  1.  Choose to read independently for sustained periods of time.
  2. Read for a variety of purposes such as for entertainment and for information.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate use of informational sources including trade books, almanacs, atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, magazines and computers.
  4. Demonstrate use of functional print including schedules, letters, catalogs, directories, charts, maps graphs, and directions.


II.  The students will read with read with fluency in order to understand what is read.

               The students will:

  1. Determine meaning of multiple meaning words using a variety of strategies.
  2. Determine the purpose for reading a specific passage.



III.  The students will use prior knowledge to become actively engaged with the reading material and use a range of comprehension skill (literal, inferential, and evaluative).


               The Students will:

  1. Preview the material and use prior experience and background knowledge to gain understanding  of the reading passage.
  2. Identity narrative and expository text.
  3. Use story structure to organize, recall and make inferences about the story (setting, characters, goal, plot, conflict, and resolution).
  4. Determine a statement of the key concepts, actual or implied theme.
  5. Identify details that support or describe a key concept.
  6. Respond to reading material through the arts, discussion ,writing and or further reading
  7. Recognize and interpret relationships in text such as comparison/contrast, cause/effect, problem solving and sequential order.
  8. Determine the author’s purpose and point of view.
  9. Interpret meaning from the author’s use of figurative language


IV. The students will know the goal of reading is construction meaning and will use effective strategies to aid comprehension.

               The students will:

  1. Expect the reading material to make sense and use correction strategies when the end is not clear.
  2. Make predictions and verify or revise thinking while reading.
  3. Generate questions to clarify meaning.
  4. Adjust reading rate according to the purpose of reading.
  5. Summarize text by identifying and organizing relevant material

Grading: the students will give grades according to their performance on:

               1.   Daily writing and discussion of quotes from the board

               2.  Sustained periods of silent reading.

               3.  Accelerated reading tests

               4.  Book reviews

               5.  Novel units-test, vocabulary, and class participation.